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3 Vacancies Open at KCB Bank

3 Vacancies Open at KCB Bank

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KCB Bank Tanzania

KCB Tanzania Bank is a commercial bank in Tanzania. It is one of the twenty-nine banks licensed by the Bank of Tanzania, the regulator of all banks in the country.

Our aim is to attract, nurture, develop and retain the most talented people available and support them in expanding their skills and capabilities to ensure that the KCB Group is the destination of choice for the brightest talents in the industry.

Open Positions and Description:

1. Customer Experience Executive – 1 POST


  • Responding to consumer inquiries, such as answering calls and emails sent to the KCBT contact center. via social media, working along with the marketing department
  • Using mass SMS and phone calls to carry out below-the-line campaigns and communications carrying out daily system health check surveys across all branches
  • Respond to questions from the public on social media by working with marketing.
  • Assemble reports on consumer experiences.
  • helping branches with problem solutions, especially when other departments or divisions are involved (long-standing and escalated client problems)
  • Assistance in the implementation of customer experience projects
  • Verify the quality of complaints that branches have brought forward.
  • Prepare and assist with client interaction initiatives in full.
  • Cross-selling additional bank goods
  • Assist the Group Strategy team in conducting customer surveys (NPS & CES).

Academic & Professional

  • A bachelor’s degree from any university that is accredited.
  • Recent graduate with one year of additional experience
  • Total Years of Minimum Experience Needed

2. Manager Digital Sales – 1 POST

Job Responsibilities

  • Arranging digitally mediated initial sessions with prospective KCB bank clients.
  • Searching, evaluating, accepting, and processing applications from potential customers for merchants, agents, and online and mobile banking.
  • Provide authorized consumers with regular and initial digital channel trainings.
  • To guarantee visibility by both current and potential bank customers, make sure agent and merchant locations are appropriately branded (internally and externally) in accordance with approved bank standards.
  • Relationship management involves keeping an eye on client behavior, making ensuring bank policies and procedures are followed, and routinely visiting their locations of business.
  • Growth in NFI and client turnover in accordance with the predetermined goal.
  • Maintain good customer relations and make sure that issues and concerns are resolved promptly.
  • Activation of inactive clients using internet platforms.
  • Cross-promotion of several bank goods.
  • Any additional tasks that are allocated

3. Channels Supporter Manager – 1 POST


  • Delivering high-quality service to clients (internal and external) and controlling client expectations through unconditional, complete support.
  • Accountable for making sure that there aren’t any backlogs of unfinished client requests on digital platforms.
  • Ensuring that employees follow rules and standard operating procedures while rendering services.
  • Answering queries from clients on various digital channel concerns on the bank’s behalf.
  • In responsible of making necessary adjustments and settlements for associated digital channel transactions, vendor fees, and channel revenue that is split between KCB and vendors.
  • The Channel Support Manager will assume the duties and responsibilities of a Team Leader by giving the team members strategic guidance in accomplishing the company’s objectives.
  • Keep track of all channels, clients, and transactions in a database.

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Application Process:

Interested candidate may send their Application before 05th April 2024. Through KCB Bank Recruitment portal.

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