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40 Vacancies Open at TEMESA

40 Vacancies Open at TEMESA

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Tanzania Electrical and Mechanical Services Agency (TEMESA)

The Tanzania Electrical and Mechanical Services Agency (TEMESA) is a Public Institution established under the Government Agencies Act Chapter 245. TEMESA Its main responsibilities include providing vehicle and machinery maintenance services, electrical services including street light maintenance, refrigeration and air conditioning maintenance, ICT system and electronic equipment maintenance, ferry services, and consultancy services.

The Manager of the Eastern and Southern Zone, in ensuring the agency’s duties are fulfilled, announces temporary job vacancies as follows:

Open Positions and Description:

1. Marine Mechanic – 10 POSTS


  • Must have finished Form Six education and graduated from a government-approved two-year Marine Engineering technical program, or
  • must have earned a three-year degree in Marine Engineering from a school accredited by the government and completed Form Four education, or
  • Must have graduated from a government-approved school with a Trade Test I Certificate and completed Form Four education.
  • A maritime engineering training certificate (Certificate of Successes Rating Forming Part of an Engineering Watch Course) is required.
  • Must have finished a six-month course in swimming and marine lifesaving.
  • Has to be a citizen of Tanzania.


  • Examining, classifying, and maintaining boats and ferries.
  • Performing upkeep on ferries’ and boats’ inboard and outboard engines.
  • Testing the engines of boats and ferries after repair.
  • Maintaining the machinery on ferries and boats, including the engines, gearboxes, and tools.
  • Keeping up with and documenting technical records for boats and ferries.
  • Carrying out the tasks that the supervisor has set.

2. Ferry Captain II – 10 POSTS

Applicant Qualifications

  • Requires completion of the Advanced Certificate of Secondary schooling (ACSEE) or Form Four schooling.
  • Required STCW95 basic certificate and Rating Forming Part of Navigation Watch (RFPAW) training.
  • The following fields require a Bachelor’s Degree, Higher Diploma, or Diploma: An extra benefit is having experience in any relevant subject, such as mechanical/civil engineering, electrical/electrical engineering, marine science, or marine engineering.
  • Has to be a citizen of Tanzania.


  • Operating a pontoon (ferry) in accordance with the rules, laws, and regulations that are relevant.
  • Departing, moving, stopping, and speaking in a way that complies with all relevant laws and regulations.
  • keeping to the appointed timings of arrival and departure.
  • Keep an eye on every employee’s performance and report both excellent and subpar behavior to the Ferry Chief.
  • Notifying the Ferry Chief of any shortcomings or infractions.
  • Carrying out additional tasks as directed by the manager.

3. Ferry Deck Assistant – 10 POSTS


  • Must have finished their Form Four coursework.
  • The International Maritime Organization (IMO) or government-recognized institutions must have offered required Training Certificates (Mandatory courses/refresher in required courses) and at least six months of sea time in maritime services.
  • Arranging passengers and automobiles aboard vessels or ferries.

(b) Responsibilities

  • Guaranteeing the pontoon’s operational safety at all times.
  • Pontoon ropes can be tied and untied while the pontoon is still using wire and ropes.
  • Ensuring that there is no water or debris on the pontoon’s deck.
  • Observing the guests’ actions and demeanor while they are on the pontoon.
  • Coordinating the movement of people, their bags, and the vehicles in question.
  • Working with specialists to do additional tasks like painting, polishing, and balancing.
  • Taking part in rescue efforts when necessary or when an accident occurs.
  • Carrying out any other relevant tasks as directed by the manager.

4. Air Conditioning Mechanic Grade II – 10 POSTS

(a) Qualifications

  • Requires completion of Form Four schooling and graduation from a government-approved two-year air conditioning technical program, or
  • Must have earned a three-year degree in air conditioning from a government-approved school and finished Form Four education.

(b) Responsibilities:

  • Fixing refrigerators, air conditioners, and cold rooms.
  • Installing new refrigeration, cold room, and air conditioning systems.
  • Examining the current refrigeration, air conditioning, and cold room systems in government buildings.
  • Carrying out the tasks that the Manager or Supervisor assigns you.


  • The maximum age for applicants is 45 years old.
  • Copies of all pertinent certifications, the applicant’s curriculum vitae, and two passport-sized pictures must be sent with the application letters.
  • Interview invitations will only be extended to those who meet the necessary requirements.
  • Letters of application should be addressed to:


NB: This announcement was issued on March 28, 2024.

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Application Process:

Deadline for application is 15th April, 2024;

NOTE: All applications must be submitted via the TEMESA Recruitment Portal, at and not in any other way.

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