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CARE Tanzania Hiring Head of Finance & Operations

CARE Tanzania Hiring Head of Finance & Operations

Welcome to our website, In This Article, are you looking for CARE Tanzania Hiring Head of Finance & Operations job opportunity at CARE’s career recruitment portal. CARE is a leading humanitarian organization dedicated to fighting poverty and social injustice and places a particular emphasis on women and girls, their dignity and empowerment to lead their communities out of poverty.

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CARE Tanzania

In response to the Rwandan crisis and the ensuing wave of refugees into Tanzania’s Kagera Region in the northwest, CARE started operating in Tanzania in April 1994. In the years that followed, CARE Tanzania created cutting-edge programs in the areas of education, health, microfinance, and the environment in the majority of the nation. In Tanzania, CARE collaborates with the government of Tanzania, the government of Zanzibar, and other relevant parties to bring about community transformation, guaranteeing financial inclusion and autonomy, nutrition and health, and resilient development that is climate-smart, particularly for women and girls.

For the role of Head of Finance and Operations, CARE Tanzania is looking to hire a self-motivated, results-driven, energetic, adequately qualified, competent, and committed Tanzanian.

In accordance with the company’s strategy and vision, CARE Tanzania’s finance and operations departments are led and directed by the Head of Finance and Operations, who is located in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. The Head of Finance and Operations oversees the day-to-day operations of CARE Tanzania, ensuring that Finance, Administration and Logistics, ICT, and Procurement run smoothly. The Head of Finance and Operations collaborates closely with the Country Director to build an effective, efficient, and results-driven Finance and Operations team. Additionally, they will oversee technical aspects of field and suboffice operations.

As a member of the CO Senior Management Team, takes part in the formulation of policies and decisions about a range of strategic matters, such as the organization’s financial stability and sustainability, program development, quality, and human resource management, among other organizational priorities. The head of operations and finance needs to be a proactive change agent who can make both reductions and additions. Works in close coordination with the ACD – Programs.


  • provides strategic leadership, counsel, and supervision to the Operations and Finance team in order to set direction and assume responsibility for the supply of overall strategy management across all Operations activities (Finance, Procurement and Logistics, Administration, IT, Field/Sub Office Operations).
  • Create and coordinate the Finance and Operations divisions’ efforts to support CO initiatives in a timely and efficient manner, ensuring that goals are reached.
  • creates connections between Finance, Operations, and Programs to guarantee smooth coordination and assistance with program management.
  • Work with the senior management team to make sure CARE has the right staffing arrangements, management systems, and support systems in place to carry out high-quality emergency response and longer-term programming. Ensure that the operations and finance plans are incorporated into the overall CO strategy.
  • Oversee business process enhancements for the CO operations to increase the CO’s efficacy and cost-efficiency.
  • In charge of managing employee performance, developing and managing talent, and enhancing the Operations team’s and the CO’s capabilities.
  • impacts the Operations and Finance Team’s methods of operation in order to improve the effectiveness of the various units and offer value to the CO.
  • Make sure that the necessary material and human resources are acquired and made available in an effective and efficient manner to support the CO program and its operations.
  • To guarantee the program’s financial sustainability, crucial financial analysis, and decision-making for the CO mission, collaborate closely with CD and SMT.
  • Ensure efficient partnership management, including capacity building, implementation of preventive/corrective actions, and due diligence assessment, in coordination with the program team.
  • Review and negotiate donor contracts to make sure you fully comprehend the terms of the agreement and any potential ramifications for the CO.
  • Create new rules, systems, and procedures for operations and update current ones to comply with Tanzanian legal requirements and donor specifications.
  • actively assist the SA RO Team in preparing and carrying out audit recommendations, as well as supporting the CO’s response to audit results. Assist with the readiness for audits (FS, UG, and CARE USA Internal Audit).
  • Create and execute reliable internal control systems, then monitor their effectiveness to guarantee policy and procedure adherence and reduce asset loss.


  • A bachelor’s degree in business administration or finance from an accredited university
  • A completely certified professional accounting qualification with a solid track record, such as an ACCA, CPA, or CA
  • Having a master’s degree in business administration is beneficial.


  • a minimum of 12 years of expertise in operations and finance from a major, worldwide NGO, with at least 5 of those years spent in a senior leadership role.
  • strong familiarity with and background in establishing accountability and compliance processes and procedures.
  • solid understanding of the practical requirements for both internal and external audits.
  • expertise overseeing intricate budgeting, donor compliance, and reporting.
  • Proficiency and drive in addressing gender and cultural sensitivity, appreciating diversity, supporting staff and organizational diversity, and maintaining the organization’s basic ideals.
  • outstanding familiarity with the host government’s regulations regarding non-governmental organizations
  • strong analytical abilities, capable of deciphering complex data and producing insightful reports for upper management.
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills; capacity to listen, garner staff support from many teams and stakeholders, and develop others’ abilities.
  • Outstanding proficiency with computers and Microsoft Office 365, particularly Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • To guarantee successful meetings, trainings, and consultations with project teams, partners, and other stakeholders, possess strong facilitation and presentation abilities.


  • Ability to establish rapport with a variety of stakeholders, both technical and non-technical.
  • Both analytical and problem-solving abilities.
  • Innovative and creative.
  • Possess the flexibility to learn and acquire new skills.
  • Outstanding oral and written communication abilities, as well as a fluid writing style, solid understanding, and effective application of both English and Kiswahili

Application Process

The deadline for submitting job applications is 9th May, 2024;

All applications must be submitted through the NBC Recruitment Portal at for any new positions.

The only materials that should be emailed to Human Resources Department at by CoB are an updated resume and letter of application, along with the names of three respectable references from prior employment (ideally line managers) with trustworthy contacts. The subject line of the email should clearly state the job title that the applicant is applying for. Only those who have been shortlisted will be contacted.

Gender equality, diversity, and equity are all promoted by CARE, an equal opportunity employer. Candidates who identify as female or who have support needs are highly encouraged to apply. Our dedication to safeguarding children and vulnerable adults from abuse is reflected in our selection procedure.

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