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Convoy of Hope Hiring Agriculture Officer (AG Officer)

Convoy of Hope Hiring Agriculture Officer (AG Officer)

Welcome to our website, In This Article, are you looking for Convoy of Hope Hiring Agriculture Officer (AG Officer) job opportunity. A faith-based humanitarian assistance organization, Convoy of Hope is driven by the desire to feed everyone on the planet. Convoy of Hope’s work in Tanzania is greatly aided by the Program Officer for Agriculture. With the intention of strengthening and expanding its influence, COH Tanzania established the role of program officer.

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JOB TITLEAgriculture Officer (AG Officer)
REPORTS TONational Director

An essential element of Convoy of Hope’s work in Tanzania is agriculture. In order to do this, COH Tanzania established the role of agriculturist to support its initiatives.

Agriculturist is the title of the position, which aims to support and strengthen the ability of the District Agriculture Department, its staff at the ward and village level, and the field beneficiaries of the Convoy of Hope (COH) Programs to gradually take on and collaborate with CFI, EG, and SD programs to improve sustainably.


Implementation of Agricultural Activ ities (30%)

  • Identify ways that animal husbandry and agriculture can be used to enhance the lives of COH program participants.
  • Teach and lead training courses on subjects linked to agriculture.
  • Take the lead in creating farm clubs in secondary schools.
  • Write excellent reports about the activities related to agriculture.
  • Support and guidance for Convoy of Hope agricultural initiatives in other parts of Africa
  • Collaborate closely with the Local Government Agriculture department to support the Extension officers and their respective beneficiaries in their efforts to watch over and assist agricultural teachers and School Management Committees, as well as to make sure that plans that have been agreed upon are carried out.
  • Sync up COH plans so they fill up any gaps rather than duplicating government ones.

Quality Assurance and Innovation (30%)

  • Lead and oversee training sessions for community local facilitators.
  • After training sessions, supervise and follow up with participants.
  • Encourage the gathering of data in order to track progress and achievements.
  • Attend and make a contribution to the sector’s quarterly and monthly meetings.
  • Coordinate and work with district-level COH project partners to communicate and address issues and challenges from the relevant schools, districts, wards, and villages.
  • In conjunction with program volunteers and the local government, oversee the gathering of data from village and school demonstration plots (e.g., number of school gardens, number of demonstration sites, type and quantity of inputs, productivity of school farms, quantity of food harvested delivered for school feeding etc).
  • Participate in mid-term reviews and evaluations of the CFI program, as well as baseline surveys, upon request and as scheduled by the District Agricultural Department (ME&L).

Documentation and Reporting (30%)

  • Make sure all important agricultural activities carried out in the project area have a record and accompanying images.
  • Compile and disseminate monthly reports on district-level agricultural sector operations as mandated by Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (ME&L).
  • Attend industry meetings on a regular and quarterly basis and contribute.
  • When case studies or anecdotes or best practices emerge throughout the field execution of activities, record them.

Representation (5%)

  • Represent COHT in regular meetings with CFI, Agric. & EG partners at District, ward or village level and share with CFI & Field Partnership Specialist & Program Officers, Interns and Part time staff the outcomes of such meetings.
  • A link of COHT programs staff and National director.
  • Other duties (5%)
  • Carry out other appropriate duties as assigned by COHT National Director


The Tanzania country director receives reports from the program officer. This program officer will collaborate closely with both headquarters and field personnel.

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