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CRDB Bank PLC Hiring Internship Opportunities (2982)

CRDB Bank PLC Hiring Internship Opportunities (2982)

Welcome to our website, In This Article, are you looking for 54 Vacancies Open at BMTC job opportunity. The CRDB Bank is a commercial bank in Tanzania. It is registered with the Bank of Tanzania, which is the central bank and regulator of all banks in the country.

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We appreciate your interest in applying to CRDB Bank PLC for an internship. Our internship program is intended to give aspirants who are keen to explore and advance their career in the banking and financial business invaluable practical experience.

Opportunities for internships are offered all year round, contingent on the needs of the Bank.

Open Positions and Description:

1. Internship Opportunities (2982) – Tanzania

Below are the guidelines to help you through the application process:

Application Requirements:

Please make sure you meet the following requirements before submitting your application:

  • must have finished their master’s or bachelor’s degree program at a university with accreditation.
  • two years or less of work experience.
  • Outstanding academic history with a GPA of at least Lower Second.
  • strong interpersonal, communication, and analytical abilities.
  • a fundamental comprehension of banking industry developments and financial concepts.
  • expertise with pertinent software and technological applications.
  • Adaptable to Work in Any Location.

Application Process:

  • Cover Letter: In your cover letter, please indicate that you are interested in working as an intern at CRDB Bank PLC. Emphasize your academic accomplishments, experience, and any related past projects or experiences.
  • Resume: You should include your educational background, extracurricular activities, employment experience (if any), and any other accomplishments or certifications in an organized and up-to-date manner.

Application Review & Interview

Upon openings becoming available The applications will be carefully examined by our HR staff. Only applicants who fulfill the necessary requirements will be contacted, placed on the short list, and given an appointment for either an online or in-person interview. We will use this as an opportunity to find out more about your background, hobbies, and reasons for applying to our internship program.

Internship Program:

  • Candidates who are selected for internships will be notified.
  • You will go through an orientation session to become acquainted with the bank’s policies, culture, and various departments after accepting the internship offer. You will work on actual projects during the internship, be mentored, and learn about all facets of the banking industry.

CRDB Bank PLC wishes you best of luck in your application for Internship.

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Application Process:

Deadline for application is 14th April, 2024;

NOTE: All applications must be submitted via the CRDB Bank Recruitment Portal at, and not in any other way.

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