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EAMCEF Tanzania Hiring Conservation Programme Officer

EAMCEF Tanzania Hiring Conservation Programme Officer

Employment is a dream for many, but often, the Failure to be called for an Interview can be a significant barrier. EAMCEF Tanzania Hiring Conservation Programme Officer who wish to pursue their dreams job at EAMCEF. Here, With substantial opportunity available for all qualified applicants, the Eastern Arc Mountains Conservation Endowment Fund (EAMCEF) is inviting applications to fill mentioned vacant below;

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Eastern Arc Mountains Conservation Endowment Fund (EAMCEF)

Established as a tool to offer sustainable financing for successful conservation of biological resources in Tanzania’s Eastern Arc Mountains, the Eastern Arc Mountains Conservation Endowment Fund (EAMCEF) is a trust fund. Initially, the Board of Trustees, the World Bank, the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania, and the Global Environment Facility (GEF) collaborated to create the Eastern Arc Mountains Conservation Endowment Fund.

Even though EAMCEF’s staffing levels are now low, the organization still needs a lot of professionals to effectively conserve the Eastern Arc Mountains. Therefore, in order to expand and improve its ability to carry out its operations and program activities, EAMCEF must hire a sufficient number of qualified employees. The current vacancy for the Programme Officer post must be immediately filled by a suitably qualified and competent professional staff member in order for the conservation efforts to be sufficiently successful to safeguard and preserve the unique natural heritage, as explained below.


  • Inform the local populace and other interested parties on the connections between environmental preservation, climate change mitigation, and socioeconomic advancement.
  • Inform local governments, communities, and other pertinent partners about the EAMCEF and the advantages of the EAMCEF intervention programs.
  • Notify NGOs, academic institutions, and other interested parties about funding opportunities for livelihood, community-based development, research, and conservation efforts related to climate change.
  • Provide and maintain an up-to-date central repository for tracking the progress of funded projects, data from program interventions, and projects planned and carried out in collaboration with other Eastern Arc Mountains conservation partners.
  • Ensure that the government and other development partners, as well as other pertinent stakeholders, have constant access to all pertinent information regarding the Fund’s performance and accomplishments.
  • Help with timely budgeting, planning, and reporting of program progress for all activities.
  • Manage outreach, education, and extension initiatives. Occasionally assist with organizing, creating, producing, and distributing pertinent outreach and extension materials.
  • creating and putting into practice an efficient public relations, communication, and information-dissemination plan in order to raise awareness and get further assistance from a variety of sources.
  • Contributing positively to the creation, maintenance, and implementation of the EAMCEF Strategic Plan, Engagement Plan, Resource Mobilization, and Communication Strategies; additionally, as needed, supporting a range of visibility, engagement, and communication initiatives.


  • holding both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in natural resources management, forestry, wildlife management, biodiversity conservation, climate change, or other relevant biological disciplines from accredited and renowned universities.
  • It will be ideal to have formal training in the areas of planning, coordinating, communicating, networking, building capacity, monitoring, evaluating, learning, and accountability.
  • It will be highly advantageous to have both formal training and real-world experience in project planning, progress reporting, and results-based management.
  • Excellent interpersonal abilities and a solid foundation in community development and conservation work.
  • strong communication, presenting, and writing abilities.
  • strong practical understanding and abilities in managing and addressing ICT (Information, Communication, and Technology) problems and facets.
  • It will be preferred if you have experience managing projects financed by donors and operating procedures.

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Application Process

The deadline for submitting job applications is 30th May, 2024;

Professionals that meet the requirements should send their well-written applications to the undersigned. Applications should be sent on time, together with thorough resumes, copies of pertinent certifications, references that can be reached quickly, and the names of three referees. Within two months of the application deadline, only those who have been shortlisted will be contacted for one or more interviews.

Applications should be addressed to:

The Executive Director,
Eastern Arc Mountains Conservation Endowment Fund (EAMCEF),
Plot No. 348, Forest Hill Area,
Kingalu Road,
P.O. Box 6053,

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