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EXIM Bank Hiring Receptionist

EXIM Bank Hiring Receptionist, EXIM Bank's Career Portal

Welcome to our website, In This Article, are you looking for EXIM Bank Hiring Receptionist job opportunity at EXIM Bank’s career recruitment portal. The Exim Bank (Tanzania), is a commercial bank in Tanzania, the second-largest economy in the East African Community. The bank is licensed by the Bank of Tanzania, which is the country’s central bank and national banking regulator.

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Location : Corporate Office

Experience : 1 – 2

Posted : 16-Apr-2024

Key Words : Marketing and Communication

Job Description :

A receptionist’s duties include handling calls, customers, and visits in an organized and effective way. A professional organization’s functioning and presentation are supported by the receptionist’s many clerical duties. The receptionist at EXIM Bank is in charge of providing clients with seamless and effective assistance while following all procedures in accordance with the objectives, strategy, and values of the bank.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Accepting and forwarding messages, directing screen calls, and answering phone calls.
  • Answering phone calls, welcoming visitors to the company, and pointing people in the right direction.
  • Answering questions or requests from the general public and clients.
  • Arranging deliveries, receiving, and processing correspondence and paperwork.
  • Arranging meetings, setting up appointments, and keeping a handwritten or computerized appointment diary.
  • Sound judgment; the capacity to handle challenging client situations; the ability to react quickly to the needs of the customer; the ability to get feedback to enhance service; and the capacity to handle requests for help or assistance.
  • Capacity to adjust to changing circumstances, handle unforeseen demands, delays, and the changing demands of the workplace.
  • Dependability: the capacity to adhere to directives, accept accountability for one’s actions, and honor promises
  • Quality control: seek for ways to get better as well as promoting quality.

Application Process :

All applications must be submitted through the EXIM Bank Recruitment Portal at

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