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FHI 360 Hiring Director of Capacity Strengthening (USAID Tanzania SBC)

FHI 360 Hiring Director of Capacity Strengthening (USAID Tanzania SBC)

Welcome to our website, In This Article, are you looking for FHI 360 Hiring Director of Capacity Strengthening (USAID Tanzania SBC) job opportunity at FHI’s career recruitment portal. An international organization called FHI 360 mobilizes relationships, resources, and research to ensure that everyone has access to the opportunities necessary for them to live full and healthy lives.

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Family Health International (FHI 360)

Since FHI 360 is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer, we don’t engage in any practices that would cause discrimination against any individual who is working or looking for work on the basis of their race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, marital status, physical or mental disability, status as a protected veteran, or any other feature that is legally protected.

All eligible candidates, including those with criminal records, will be given consideration for employment by FHI 360, in accordance with the provisions of any relevant state and local legislation.


  • Together with the Tanzanian government, partners from civil society, and the US government, develop policies and instruments that will direct the activity’s efforts to enhance institutions and increase capacity.
  • In order to improve partners’ capacity to develop, implement, oversee, and assess evidence-based SBC in leadership and coordination, as well as in adjacent fields like research and on target health SBC areas, lead the design, delivery, and monitoring of technical assistance plans.
  • Assist the Ministry of Health in accomplishing its SBC and health promotion objectives at the district, regional, and national levels.
  • Evaluate SBC’s capacity and organizational structures, then work with a few partners to create specialized technical support plans.
  • Oversee groups of technical support providers and employees that are tasked with enhancing capacity across various partners and regions.
  • Make sure the Activity and further capacity-building initiatives are planned for and carried out in a coordinated manner.
  • Increase the capacity of the Tanzanian government and its employees, including partners, to take on roles related to institution strengthening and increased capacity as part of their responsibilities.
  • Oversee and direct the execution of tasks to accomplish the project’s objectives, making sure that all necessary materials arrive on schedule.
  • Provide an update on the status of the technical assistance plans.
  • Encourage the project’s actions to be sustainable.
  • Participate in work plans, financial reports, quarterly and yearly reports, and other documents and reports that provide an overview of the evidence and outcomes of the project.
  • Assume the role of technical lead and important technical liaison for partners, enhancing their ability through involvement in working groups, conferences, technical meetings, and coordination platforms.

Applied Knowledge & Skills:

  • Thorough technical understanding of project management principles and techniques.
  • Outstanding communication skills both in writing and speaking.
  • Outstanding analytical and organizational abilities that are proven.
  • Outstanding and proven project management abilities as well as technical skills that build capacity.
  • Capacity to persuade, influence, bargain, and collaborate effectively with people to accomplish Activity objectives.
  • Thorough understanding of ideas, techniques, strategies, and concepts related to capacity strengthening.
  • A track record of making ensuring timelines, finances, and performance standards are fulfilled.
  • Outstanding and had leadership abilities.
  • Outstanding ability to think critically and solve problems.
  • Professional, articulate, and capable of having constructive, straightforward conversations with partners and employees.
  • Proficiency in reading, writing, and speaking English is a must; proficiency in Kiswahili is strongly encouraged.

Our guardianship beliefs and commitments: FHI 360 is dedicated to stopping all forms of abuse, exploitation, and harassment in our programs and work settings, including sexual abuse, exploitation, and harassment.

FHI 360 asks all employees, including staff members and volunteers, to sign our code of conduct and share our commitment to ensuring the welfare of everyone who interacts with our organization and initiatives.

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Application Process

The deadline for submitting job applications is 20th May, 2024;

All applications must be submitted through the FHI 360 Recruitment Portal at for any new positions.

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