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HR & Administration Officer Jobs at Danish Refugee Council

HR & Administration Officer Jobs at Danish Refugee Council

Welcome to our website, In This Article, are you looking for HR & Administration Officer Jobs at Danish Refugee Council vacancy. Founded in 1956, The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) is a humanitarian, non-governmental, non-profit organization providing direct assistance to conflict-affected populations – refugees, internally displaced people (IDPs) and host communities – in more than 40 countries around the world.

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Since the beginning of the Burundi refugee crisis in 2015, DRC has been carrying out emergency response initiatives in Tanzania in three camps for refugees in the Kigoma Region near the Burundian border. Sectors include Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM), Protection (CBP, PSN, GBV, CP, and Legal), Shelter and Infrastructure, and Economic Recovery are included in DRC’s integrated projects for refugees, asylum seekers, and host communities.

Overall purpose of the role:

Accountable for completing administrative and HR duties necessary to keep DRC running smoothly. This position guarantees adherence to DRC policies and protocols at the base level and has a base focus. The position aids in the creation of foundational strategies, which are then converted into daily tasks and action plans.

Main Responsibilities

Human Resources

  • Make sure that the DRC Operations Handbook’s general HR standards and procedures are always followed and adhered to.
  • assistance during the entire hiring process
  • Help the Senior Management Team create staff development programs that are tailored to each employee’s needs and align with the long-term strategic priorities, DRC vision, and values.
  • Create and maintain new hire briefing and induction materials, and supervise and manage the induction procedure.
  • Responsible for organizing and recording the hiring and firing of incentive workers, as well as creating the monthly Refugee Master Roll and Refugee Payroll.
  • Help to ensure that statutory deductions and their remittance are carried out in compliance with applicable legislation. This includes submitting to the NSSF (employer & employee contribution), TRA (payroll levy and PAYE), and any other deductions required by applicable laws.
  • Ascertain that every new employee has a bank account number and social security registration, and oversee the procedure by ensuring that all required application forms are filled out completely.
  • Inform the HR & Admin Team Leader on general staff matters, such as the requirement for training and the number of employees needed for both national and incentive staff.
  • Help with the hiring process for national staff as needed, as well as for refugee (incentive) staff, including advertising, short listing, interviews, and hiring when necessary.
  • Help the HR & Admin Team Leader prepare and monitor employment contracts for National Staff, job applications, and other required recruitment paperwork, such as JDs.
  • Help with the Process of Performance and Development
  • Utilizing the DRC Learning Catalogue, plan and create a DRC training program for DRC staff members.
  • Write new and renewed contracts, as well as other personnel-related documents, paying close attention to the terms of pay and benefits.
  • Plan, counsel, and manage employee absences and leaves.
  • Provide support in handling employee grievances via DRC-established channels and guarantee that the DRC Code of Conduct is comprehended and adhered to consistently.
  • Serve as the point of contact for all matters pertaining to the health insurance company and act as the intermediary between service providers and the staff health insurance program.
  • Encourage staff development initiatives, such as putting the DRC Learning Catalogue on display.


  • Help the Head of Administration and Finance in overseeing administrative duties.
  • Organize lodging and transportation arrangements for outside visitors during field trips.
  • Serve as the main point of contact for managing tenancy agreements and communicating with lessors.
  • Help the Country Director (and HoSS if necessary) with the development and implementation of the Safety Manual
  • Help program personnel as needed when it comes to visibility-related tasks (buying pictures, brochures, collaborating with designers, ensuring that fonts and logos are utilized in accordance with the DRC brand guidelines, etc.).
  • Make sure that the personnel database is tracked and updated on time, including time sheets, training, EDs, annual leave, and annual leave allowance.
  • Communicate with the HR&Admin Team Leader for visas, working permits, and other registration-related matters.
  • Make sure that identity cards and name tags are given to every employee.
  • Make sure that staff NSSF contributions are being recorded on a monthly basis.
  • During the HR and administrative assistant’s absence, help with the interoffice mail pouch’s receipt and dispatch. Make certain that the recipient in Kasulu receives the paperwork.
  • Make sure that the DRC filling system is followed for the central filing and tracking of documents. Make sure everyone involved in the filling system is aware of it and follows it.
  • Make sure that all employees have exit and onboarding processes created in accordance with the logistics and safety departments.

Supervisor responsibilities:

  • oversees the daily operations of small teams, which are frequently made up of workers and/or subordinates who do related duties.
  • has no direct line management authority over employees, however they might help with hiring and/or team member performance reviews.
  • carries out the manager’s decisions through the labor of subordinate staff, frequently contributing to the decision of how best to accomplish the goal the manager has set.
  • Logistics Duties
  • Make sure there are enough consumable products and office stationery available. Control—including financial oversight—and keep an eye on how office materials are used in tandem with the supply chain department.
  • In charge of using office supplies (copiers, printers, duplicating machines, etc.) and reporting any malfunctions to the HR&Admin Team Leader
  • Make sure that assets and other things you buy, like stationery, are managed well.
  • accountable for carrying out necessary maintenance and repairs on time, working with the logistics team.
  • Assist the HR & Admin Team Leader in identifying industrial dangers in the workspace and making sure that every employee has a suitable and livable office space.
  • As needed, assist the HR & Admin Team Leader in scheduling meetings for the operations and program teams. Make sure participation lists are created and the meals are reasonably priced.
  • Keep track of every PR that you obtain from programs and take appropriate action.

Personnel Duties

  • Help the HR & Admin Team Leader make sure employees are aware of their benefits and how to use various forms in accordance with the HR Manual, Personnel Policies, and GROPP.
  • Might need to lead the HR and administrative team while they’re away.

Experience and technical competencies:

  • A bachelor’s degree in a related discipline, human resources management, or a comparable degree.
  • A demonstrated two years of expertise in human resources or office-related tasks, together with a strong command of both English and Kiswahili.
  • Needs to be proficient with computers and able to operate under pressure.


A bachelor’s degree in a related discipline, human resources management, or a comparable degree.


Employment category Standards
Reporting to HR Team Leader
Technical Line Manager HR Team Leader
Direct reportN/A
Unit/department HR & Admin
Location Kibondo

Key stakeholders: (internal and external)

  • Workers for DRC protection, refugees, and donations
  • Local government (camp for refugees) and community representatives in residence.
  • neighborhood associations.
  • other NGOs and aid providers.


  • Donors
  • Local Auditor company in Tanzania
  • Local TAX authorities in Tanzania

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