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Innovations for Poverty Action Tanzania Hiring Research Associate

Innovations for Poverty Action Tanzania Hiring Research Associate

Employment is a dream for many, but often, the Failure to be called for an Interview can be a significant barrier. Innovations for Poverty Action Tanzania is stepping up to hiring National Human Resources Officer who wish to pursue their dreams job at IPA. Here, With substantial opportunity available for all qualified applicants, the Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) is inviting applications to fill mentioned vacant below;

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Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA)

A nonprofit organization dedicated to research and policy, Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) seeks and advances workable solutions to the world’s poverty issues. In order to ensure that the evidence generated is used to better the lives of the world’s poor, IPA brings together researchers and decision-makers to design, rigorously analyze, and refine these solutions and their applications.

As a group, IPA is committed to using research and policy to enhance the lives of the most disadvantaged people on the planet. We also understand how critical it is that the diversity of the people we engage with and the locations where we work be reflected in our workforce. Because of this, IPA is dedicated to selecting employees from a broad pool of applicants with a variety of experiences, viewpoints, backgrounds, and worldviews.


  • Gather, combine, recode, and document unprocessed data for study.
  • Analyze data while being supervised by a seasoned researcher.
  • Assist in the research data analysis for publication or presentation
  • To use data to make stories, create tables, graphs, and other visualizations.
  • Review the available data on the industries, subjects, and results that are pertinent to IPA priorities.
  • Create materials to share study findings and compile, summarize, and synthesize evidence.
  • As needed, assist with further research phases, including the creation of protocols, analysis plans, testing and design of surveys, IRB submissions, and proposal development.
  • Provide IPA national offices and research projects with technical assistance by using SurveyCTO for survey programming.
  • Provide statistical programming, mainly in Stata, as technical support to IPA national offices and research programs.

Duties specific

  • Engage in communication with national statistical agencies across many nations to acquire, comprehend, and purify survey data.
  • Utilize statistical programming languages (Stata, R, or Python) to generate poverty assessment models using nationally representative survey data after cleaning and analyzing the data.
  • Compose and create presentation slides, internet content, briefs, and other resources.
  • Assist in preparing findings for reports and presentations aimed to researchers
  • Help in the creation and recording of research instruments
  • Assist the management team and/or the other research associates with their ongoing projects and/or project development as needed.


  • A minimum of one year’s worth of job experience in data analysis or research projects
  • Strong mathematical abilities and familiarity with Stata, or sufficient familiarity with R or Python or other related coding languages to enable rapid acquisition of Stata with sound coding practices
  • Understanding of economic and statistical ideas such as regression and hypothesis testing
  • The ability to use Stata, R, or Python for data analysis and interpretation
  • Capacity to oversee partnerships and parallel connections
  • Able to manage several things at once and pay close attention to details
  • Capacity to work under pressure, overcome problems, and fulfill deadlines
  • Strong English communication abilities both written and spoken, with the capacity to clearly and succinctly explain complex concepts to a range of audiences.
  • Bachelor’s degree in international development, economics.

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Application Process

The deadline for submitting job applications is 15th May, 2024;

All applications must be submitted through the IPA Recruitment Portal at for any new positions.

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