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Legal Officer Volunteer Job Opportunity at Door of Hope Tanzania

Legal Officer Volunteer Job Opportunity at Door of Hope Tanzania

Welcome to our website, In This Article, Door of Hope Tanzania’s is seeking a highly motivated and talented individual to join our team as a Legal Officer Volunteer Job Opportunity at Door of Hope Tanzania.

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This role will play a crucial part in supporting our Legal strategy and amplifying our mission to advance access to justice and legal rights in Tanzania.

Legal Officer Volunteer at DHWYT
Legal Officer Volunteer at DHWYT


  • A law degree or a legal aid provider’s credential from an accredited university; participation in organizational development training.
  • Trainings on Gender
  • Participated in multiple human rights workshops.
  • An further benefit is having a postgraduate diploma in legal practice.

(i) Key competencies

  • Formal instruction in pertinent subjects, such as security management instruction.
  • A minimum of one year in the workforce, preferably with some exposure to academic or nonprofit institutions.
  • Outstanding communication abilities, especially when interacting with a multilingual, global audience.
  • The capacity to manage several projects under schedule and resource constraints.
  • Thorough understanding of human rights law and human rights security protocols.
  • Vast expertise and familiarity in implementing laws and international agreements.
  • Possess extensive awareness of human rights issues.

(ii) Personal attributes

  • Clear-eyed activist
  • diligent
  • accepting of differences
  • adaptable but steadfast
  • vocal
  • security-aware
  • imaginative

(iii) Experience requirements.

  • A year of experience working in the human rights sector
  • Knowledge of regional and international human rights mechanisms.
  • Knowledge of human rights protection mechanisms at the UN and in other regions.
  • Participated in security management education.



The Door of Hope Tanzania is offering this position as a volunteer option. The Executive Director is ultimately in control of the organization’s human resources affairs, acting on behalf of the Board. The organization’s representative on all things related to legal aid will be the legal aid officer. On behalf of the Executive Director, who is in charge of the entire organization, they will be supervised by the Head of Programs. The Legal Aid Officer will be responsible for the following tasks in this regard.

Defined and Assigned Responsibilities:


  • Interview those in need of legal assistance to gather information for legal aid services.
  • Gather information and compile facts for legal aid.
  • Keep an eye on cases involving human rights
  • Taking in all grievances pertaining to individuals requesting legal assistance
  • Create and oversee protective resources for anyone in need of legal assistance.
  • Participate in security management courses.
  • Serve as the primary point of contact for those requesting legal aid.


The legal aid officer will report to The Head of Programs


The legal assistance officer’s job station will be at Door of Hope Tanzania, Legal assistance Center, Shangani Ward in Mtwara District, Mtwara Municipal Council.


  • Track and evaluate the status of each legal assistance case pertaining to human rights.
  • Assure the creation of a human rights case file management system with organizational support.
  • Create the financial requirements for the legal aid services program.
  • Allocating resources for people’s aid as well as offering persons enrolled in organization programs administrative and legal support.

Effort-Mental and Physical; the volunteer will need to,

  • Adapt quickly to changes in the office and timetable.
  • Maintain competing deadlines and adapt quickly to new tasks.
  • Refrain from combining internal and external tasks.


  • On behalf of the Executive Director, the officer will report to the Head of Programs for daily operations.
  • Reporting time: 8:00 a.m.; five days a week, sign the attendance book.
  • Hours of operation: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.


For Legal Officer Volunteer Job Opportunity at Door of Hope Tanzania, If you’re Interested, Please send your updated CV, copies of Academic certificates and Cover letter to:
DEADLINE: Sunday, 31th Match 2024.

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