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NMB Bank Foundation Tanzania Hiring Board Member

NMB Bank Foundation Tanzania Hiring Board Member

Employment is a dream for many, but often, the Failure to be called for an Interview can be a significant barrier. NMB Bank Foundation Tanzania is stepping up to hiring  Board Member who wish to pursue their dreams job at NMB Bank Foundation. Here, With substantial opportunity available for all qualified applicants, the NMB Bank Foundation is inviting applications to fill mentioned vacant below;

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NMB Bank Foundation Tanzania

Founded in 2021 to expand its involvement in carefully selected pillars that affect the lives of most Tanzanians, NMB Foundation is the non-profit Corporate Social Investment division of NMB Bank Plc. Programs offered by the NMB Foundation are specifically created to solve pertinent concerns in the fields of education, health, agriculture, the environment, and entrepreneurship. The NMB Foundation is committed to promoting sustainable development and constructive social change in our local communities. We have been actively working to achieve real transformation and long-lasting benefits in the communities we serve, with a particular focus on these five theme areas.

We are looking for seasoned professionals with a strong commitment to join our board of directors. We intend to onboard two board members who share our enthusiasm for making a difference and have the knowledge to lead our company forward as part of our strategic growth.


  • Give the NMB Foundation visionary leadership and direction to guarantee that its goals and missions are met.
  • Engage in active participation in the formulation and evaluation of the Foundation’s strategic plans and policies.
  • To guarantee conformity with the mission and objectives of the foundation, important activities must be approved and strategic directions must be set.
  • By conducting frequent audits and financial reviews and holding management responsible for financial performance and management, we build stakeholder trust and transparency.
  • Provide counsel and actively participate in fundraising events, offering contacts, networks, and individual donations to support the Foundation’s programs.
  • Guidance on finding possible sponsors, partners, and funders for the initiatives and programs of the Foundation.


  • Shown dedication to the goals and principles of the NMB Foundation.
  • Knowledge in fields related to our area of interest, including sustainable agriculture development, economic empowerment, healthcare, education, and the environment.
  • Experience in developing strategies, leading boards, and overseeing NGOs.
  • Strong interpersonal, networking, and communication abilities.
  • A history of moral decision-making and leadership.

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Application Process

The deadline for submitting job applications is 29th May, 2024;

Interested individuals may send their resumes and cover letters to, with a statement of their motivation to join the board of directors and their relevant expertise.

Those on the short list will be contacted so that their compatibility with the goals and values of the Foundation may be evaluated. In the event that you experience any difficulties with the application procedure, please do not hesitate to contact us at 0222322009/022232008.

Board members may be renewed based on organizational requirements and performance after their original three-year tenure.

Compensation: Membership on the board is entirely volunteer and unpaid. On the other hand, reimbursement for legitimate costs may be granted.

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