Recent Student Selform Tamisemi self form ‘Steps’ to start

Recent Student Selform Tamisemi self form ‘Steps’ to start

Welcome to our website In This Article, are you looking in out for The Recent Student Selform Tamisemi self form ‘Steps’ to start MIS form five selection 2024 results PDF online how to change Combination form five Students candidates registration login change allocation 2024/2025 and 2023 how to fill selform, tamisemi selform login portal.

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President’s Office, Regional Administration and Local Governments (Tamisemi)

Tamisemi Selform Mis form five System
Tamisemi Selform Mis form five System

The Office of the President TAMISEMI is the only ministry whose headquarters started in Dodoma at the start of the 1970s, since the government declared that the government headquarters are in Dodoma and that there is a tiny office in Dar es Salaam. Giving all of its important stakeholders—especially the Regions and Local Government Authorities—equal opportunities to reach Dodoma while seeking various services was the goal behind the Headquarters’ Dodoma location.

In order to streamline the process of gathering student data and selecting subjects for secondary schools in Tanzania (Form six), the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology, and Technology developed the online Selform Tamisemi system. Students may easily and rapidly update and fill in their own information with this method.

Students can apply to secondary schools in the sixth form with ease thanks to the Selform Tamisemi system. Based on their achievements and individual preferences, students can fill out and select the schools of their choosing. Students can use this system to view all of the alternatives accessible to them for each district and school, allowing them to choose the best option for their needs.

Once they register on the Selform Tamisemi system, students can also modify the information they selected. Pupils have the option to go to a different school of their choice based on their achievement on tests. Students now have the ability to use this online system to reselect and modify their preferences.

Tamisemi student selform MISAccess online
Form Five Combination Tamisemi portalStudents announcement

Additionally, the Selform Tamisemi system gives the student the ability to track his progress and receive findings as soon as they are made public. This method allows students to view their exam results and determine if they were accepted into the colleges of their choice. Students benefit from having accurate knowledge and knowing where their education will take them moving forward.

The Selform Tamisemi method is, all things considered, a significant step toward fortifying Tanzania’s educational system. This method not only expedites and simplifies the process of obtaining student information, but it also allows students to select the school of their choice and modify their selections in response to their outcomes. Students can also monitor their progress and test results with this method. Therefore, improving Tanzanian kids’ access to high-quality education through the Selform Tamisemi system is a smart idea.

Tamisemi Selform MIS Registration

Login Selform Mis Tamisemi
Login Selform Mis Tamisemi


Student (form Four graduate): As a result of the system’s effectiveness, his main duty is to update specific personal information in other sections, such as his home address, cell phone number, email address, and the schools and colleges he has chosen, along with their specifics.

How to register and Create account Selform MIS System

1. Go to into your web browser (such as Chrome) to open the page where you can enter your registration information, as shown below. If this is the user’s first visit, select “For Candidates” from the bottom menu, then click this link to register.

2. Next, fill in the relevant fields for the Index Number using the manner shown in Example S0101.0020.2023. In your response, please enter your surname and year of birth.

3. Following that, a prompt requesting your password—which you should always enter—will appear. It will open this window.

4. The system will come up in this chapter to indicate that you have successfully changed the password after you have written it;

5. Once you have changed the password, you will use it to log in again by writing the username for example S0101.0002.2023 and the password you changed.

Above is all about Recent Student Selform Tamisemi self form read careful to understand where to start process.

Form Five selection 2024

Are you looking forward academic year’s TAMISEMI Form Five Selection 2024? We recognize how crucial this procedure is to the direction your education will take you and your future employment opportunities. We have put together a thorough guide with information, links, and answers to your concerns to help you get through this important phase with ease. Remain aware and make use of the resources you require to ready yourself with assurance for the selecting procedure.

For students moving from secondary to Advanced Secondary School, the Ministry of school, Science, and Technology’s (TAMISEMI) Form Five selection 2024/2025 process is a crucial stage. It determines entrance to several Tanzanian advanced level (A-level) programs and schools.

To help you get ready for the choosing process, check out a variety of resources. Give yourself the resources you need to succeed in the impending tests, from practice questions and study materials to exam advice and revision aids.

How to check form five selection 2024:

To view the Form Five selection results, take the following actions. Initially, go to the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology’s official website (TAMISEMI) or the official platform where the results are released.


1. Go to, the official TAMISEMI website.

2. Select the official Selection Results link.

3. Candidates should scroll down the page to view the Selection Results.

4. Look up your name in the online mode list that will be displayed.

5. Candidates can print off numerous copies of the list for their records by downloading and printing it.

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Form five Joining instruction 2024

The PDF Form Five Joining Instruction has all the details and guidelines you need to follow in order to join Form Five in Tanzania. It acts as a beacon of light, providing thorough direction and instructions to guarantee a quick and easy transition for students. Parents and students can obtain all the information they need to make the move to Form Five with ease and confidence by using the Form Five Joining Instruction Document.

You must fulfill the requirements for eligibility and go through the screening procedure in order to join Form Five. The National Examinations Council of Tanzania (NECTA) releases your Form Four National Examination results, which determine your eligibility.

To be admitted to Form Five, you must have at least three credits in the applicable subjects. Based on their performance, availability, and preferences, pupils are assigned to various schools and subject combinations by the President’s Office, Regional Administration and Local Government Tanzania (PO-RALG).

How to check form five Joining Instruction 2024:

1. Follow the easy steps below to receive Your Form Five Joining Instruction for 2024–2025.

2. First, go to GET Form Five Joining Instruction and take the actions listed below.

3. Select your school’s name, district, region, or index number.

4. Click the new tab to open it.

5. Select the school name that you want to attend. Step5: Your joining instructions will download to your computer or phone.

6. After downloading the PDF file, please print it or save it.

7. Inform your parents about your departure plans and the joining instruction!

Changes are made to the Student Selection System (Student Selection MIS) through the link

The latest Student Selform Tamisemi self form ‘Steps’ to start How to make changes using your test number, last name, year of birth and the grade of success in the subject or question you will be asked where this exercise has started.

Key to consider:

  • Register Selform Mis Tamisemi
  • Registration Selform Mis Tamisemi
  • Student information Selform Mis Tamisemi
  • Student choices Selform Mis Tamisemi
  • Form five Student’s choices Selform Mis Tamisemi
  • Diploma modifying Selform Mis Tamisemi

Selform MIS Helpdesk:

The parent or guardian is urged to work with their child to change the medium of university courses and special options in order to foster mutual understanding. For any challenges, contact us via email at or by phone at 0262 160 210 and 0735 160 210.

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