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5 Vacancies Open at TAFICO Tanzania

5 Vacancies Open at TAFICO Tanzania

The Tanzania Fishing Corporation (TAFICO), a leader in the nation’s fishing industry, is excited to announce 5 Vacancies Open at TAFICO Tanzania. These job positions offer an excellent opportunity for professionals seeking to make a significant impact within a dynamic and essential sector of Tanzania’s economy. Here at, This article will provide you with all the necessary information about the roles, required qualifications, and how to apply. If you are looking to grow your career with a respected organization like TAFICO, don’t miss this chance to be part of our team.

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Tanzania Fishing Corporation (TAFICO)

After the government decided to annul the Tanzania Fisheries Corporation, which had been in operation for the previous 23 years, Tanzania Fisheries Corporation (TAFICO) was founded under the President Establishment Order, 2019. TAFICO was first created by Public Corporation Act No. 17 of 1969, which was issued pursuant to Government Order No. 11 of February 14, 1974, and published in the Government Gazette Notice No. 58 of March 1, 1974. The development of the nation’s fishing industry is the goal of re-establishing TAFICO.

Tanzanians who are dynamic, proactive, experienced, and suitably qualified are invited to apply for five (5) open positions as managers of the Planning and Public Private Partnership Unit, Manager of Fishing Operation, Manager of Fish Processing and Marketing Unit, Manager of Aquaculture Production Unit, and Head of Quality Assurance and Environmental Management Unit, on behalf of Tanzania Fisheries Corporation (TAFICO) through the Public Service Recruitment Secretariat (PSRS).

Open Positions and Description

1. Manager Of Planning and Public Private Partnership Unit

  • Creating rules for corporate public-private partnerships (PPPs) in accordance with the PPP Act;
  • To find possible public-private partnership agreements on fishing production and operations, fish processing, in-service contracts, and related agreements;
  • Overseeing and managing feasibility studies, contracts, and serving as a conduit between the corporate and private sectors;
  • To track the status of PPP-funded projects being implemented within the company and provide appropriate advice;
  • To carry out PPP contract monitoring and assessments at the interim, mid-term, and long terms;

2. Manager of Fishing Operation

  • Possessing a master’s degree in one of the following disciplines: marine science, marine engineering, mechanical engineering, master fishing, or nautical science. Needs to be enrolled in the appropriate profession.

3. Manager of Fish Processing and Marketing Unit

  • Possessing a master’s degree in one of the following areas: aqua business, fish processing, fisheries economics, business administration and marketing, food science and technology, or agriculture economics

4. Manager of Aquaculture Production Unit

  • Possess a master’s degree in science and aquaculture, aquatic sciences, mariculture, aquatic environmental science, or marine science, among other subjects.

5. Head Of Quality Assurance and Environmental Management Unit

  • To create and examine quality manuals, including those on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Good Hygiene Practices (GHP), Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs), and Guidelines for fish, fish products, aquatic flora, and products of aquatic flora quality assurance;
  • To establish guidelines for the quality control of fish, fish products, aquatic plants, and plant products;
  • to create and carry out an annual program for quality control audits and inspections;
  • To inspect aquatic vegetation and its products, fish and fishery products, buildings, means of transportation, aquatic flora, and fish and fishery products in accordance with corporate requirements;

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Application Process

The deadline for submitting job applications is 22th June, 2024;

All applications must be submitted through the Recruitment Portal at for any new positions that PSRS may have, and in no other manner. (You can also get this address by clicking the “Recruitment Portal” link on the PSRS website.)

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