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Data Protection Manager Jobs at Exim Bank Tanzania

Data Protection Manager Jobs at Exim Bank Tanzania

Employment is a dream for many, but often, the Failure to be called for an Interview can be a significant barrier. Exim Bank Tanzania is stepping up to aspire Data Protection Manager who wish to pursue their dreams jobs at Exim Bank. Here, With substantial opportunity available for all qualified applicants, the Exim Bank Tanzania is inviting applications to fill mentioned career below;

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to verify that the bank is following the Regulations and the Personal Data Protection Act. The incumbent will be in charge of putting in place a framework for privacy governance, carrying out privacy impact assessments, organizing and carrying out data privacy audits, reporting infractions, offering advice on corrective actions, responding to inquiries and complaints from data subjects, and offering assistance with any issues pertaining to the protection and privacy of personal information.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  1. Implementing Measures and Privacy Governance Framework
    • Control the usage of data while adhering to the Personal Data Protection Act.
    • Create data collecting templates.
    • Help with the mapping of data.
  2. Collaborating with Internal Stakeholders
    • Collaborate with principal internal stakeholders to evaluate projects, goods, services, procedures, and pertinent information.
    • Make that the Personal Data Protection Act is followed.
    • When required, finish privacy impact assessments and offer advice.
  3. Reviewing Vendor Contracts and Consents
    • Examine vendor agreements and the permissions required to carry out projects.
    • Collaborate with the Information Security and Procurement departments of the bank.
  4. Participating in Committees and Reviews
    • Take part in the Committee on Personal Data Protection.
    • Oversee and carry out regular evaluations of the bank’s privacy governance system.
  5. Monitoring Compliance
    • Keep an eye on and make sure the bank complies with the regulations and the Personal Data Protection Act.
    • Make sure data processors follow data protection regulations by keeping an eye on them.
  6. Reviewing Data Processing Activities
    • Examine and evaluate the bank’s data processing operations.
    • Verify compliance with legal requirements.
  7. Training and Advising Staff
    • Train staff across the business on data protection matters.
    • Provide professional advice and guidance on data protection best practices.
  8. Preparing Reports and Conducting Audits
    • Prepare Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) reports.
    • Coordinate and conduct data privacy audits.
  9. Maintaining Data Security and Incident Management
    • Work along with the information security department to keep track of all exports and data assets.
    • Have an incident management plan for data security up to date.
    • Make sure that problems are remedied as soon as possible, including impact assessments, responding to security breaches, complaints, claims, notifications, and subject access requests.

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  • A bachelor’s degree in computer science, law, information security, risk management, or a similar discipline.
  • Strong familiarity with privacy and personal data protection laws and regulations.


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